Chapters Bookshelf


Inside Library

You awake with a start. You have a pounding headache at the top of your skull, and you feel like you have been sleeping for days. The last thing you remember, you were about to…you were in the middle of…well that was strange. All you know is that you are a college student and you live in the village of Theoretic-ville. All of your other personal memories seemed to be wiped away. Strange and actually a little bit terrifying.

You force yourself up and look around. You are in a large room with a vaulted ceiling. Rows of bookcases stretch out before you, but they are empty except for dust gathering in the spots where books should reside. You feel a little sad to see the empty shelves, and you long to have books refill these empty spaces. Hmmm. You aren’t quite sure why sadness is your immediate reaction. That was an interesting self-revelation. At the moment, however, you do not have time for introspection. Where are you?

It seems that you have awoken in what had once served as a library. You make your way to the door and step outside. As you look around, you are shocked by what you see. The grass is covered in debris as if a giant explosion has obliterated what had once been the city’s beloved college. You realize that not only is the college in ruins, so is most of the city of Theoretic-ville. What is going on?