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The Story

You awake in a post-apocalyptic world. It is your duty to rebuild the college library and society. There are several enclaves already thriving, each based on a different ethical theory. These represent the Chapters, in your journey to recover the lost Books of Wisdom for your Library. At each enclave, you will learn from its people, master their knowledge, be tested, and eventually win the lost book for the formation of your own society.

The Goals

Chapters has four goals:

  • Mastery of all enclave Mastery Tests.
  • Achieve the highest ranking possible on the Student Leaderboard. (Your class.)
  • Achieve the highest ranking possible on the Community Leaderboard. (All classes.)
  • Make learning philosophy fun!

Knowledge is power. As you gain knowledge from engagement with Chapters, you will acquire F.L.O. (Food, Labor, and Organization) to help you in your quest.

Mobile Phones

Chapters is not designed to work on mobile phone devices. Such use may cause unexpected results.


Turn Off Popup Blocker

Turn off your browsers popup blocker when using Chapters.

One result from failing to turn off the popup blocker is getting a message you have a test already open. If you see this message, do the following - log out, then log back into Chapters. Chapters should fix this message.

Diogenes Mentoring

From time to time, you may get some helpful mentoring from Diogenes. At first, you may be annoyed by his interruptions, but Diogenes has been analyzing your Chapters activity and has something to share with you. When he gives you advice, it is based on his analysis of your performance in Chapters. He may even come back and ask if you followed his advice!

Diogenes is located on your “My Library” page in the form of a picture. He has a green or red ring around him. If the ring is green, he has no advice for you and if it is blinking red, he has something to share, maybe several things to share. Next to his picture is a note showing how many things he wants to share with you. You should respond to all of them, by answering his questions and not ignoring him. It’s helpful if you complete each of your mentoring sessions with Diogenes as they may build-up in a queue waiting for you to respond. They will not disappear as he is persistent in giving your advice.

Heeding Diogenes advice can help you grow as a student and person. Hopefully, his advice helps you improve your performance in Chapters and your course.


Enclave Mastery Tests

  • You must read and study the enclave narratives in a meaningful, organized manner.
  • To demonstrate mastery of the knowledge provided in each enclave, you will take a short, ten-question mastery test after completing each enclave.
  • You must score a 90% or 100% by answering 10 questions in 15 minutes in order to master an enclave Mastery Test.
  • You earn a book to be used in upgrading your Library each time you master an enclave Mastery Test. When you have earned a book it will appear in the header of your home page. Watch for these.
  • You may take an enclave Mastery Test as many times as necessary in order to gain mastery. On your first attempt with an enclave Mastery Test, you will not be shown the correct or incorrect questions, only your score and/or FLO earned.
  • Taking an enclave Mastery Test after mastery is a Review and not considered part of your performance index in Chapters.
  • Your instructor will determine the order your class completes the enclaves after the Library enclave.‬ Follow your instructor's order posted in D2L rather than the preset dropdown menu in Chapters.


  • KPI stands for Knowledge Performance Indicator.
  • KPI influences 10% of your final standing in Chapters 2.0.
  • You earn KPI by taking Mastery Tests in a timely fashion. You begin at zero (0) KPI. The maximum possible value is 2.
  • To maximize KPI, you need to master (earn at least 90%) the enclave tests in the fewest attempts.
  • Your KPI is reduced every time you fail to master a mastery test.

Food, Labor, Organization (F.L.O.)

  • F.L.O. is designed to represent the quantity of food, labor, and community organization that you contribute to rebuilding your community after the apocalyptic disaster.
  • You begin the game with 60 F.L.O. points.
  • The Community (your class) also begins the game with 60 F.L.O. points.
  • You earn F.L.O. by mastery of a Mastery Test (90% or 100%). You earn maximum F.L.O. by passing the mastery exam on the first attempt with the highest possible upgrade to your library.
  • You earn F.L.O. by retaking an already mastered enclave Mastery Test (90%) and scoring a 100%.
  • You earn 20 F.L.O. by reading these instructions. Claim your resources at the bottom of the page.
  • You earn 5 F.L.O. points by giving a fellow student a Thumps-Up on the Student Leaderboard. You are limited to giving ten (10) Thumbs-Up.
  • You may claim FREE F.L.O. points by participating in several activities through-out Chapters. Be on the lookout for these opportunities.
  • You lose potential F.L.O. with every attempt of the same enclave mastery test after the first attempt if you have not mastered the test. It is possible to earn no F.L.O. points for a mastery test if you have many attempts before mastery.
  • You are penalized F.L.O. points if you ignore Diogenes.
  • You spend F.L.O. by purchasing hints for your tests.
  • You spend F.L.O. with every upgrade to your library.


  • You have the ability to upgrade your Library eight (8) times.
  • You should upgrade your Library every time you achieve mastery of an enclave and earn a book.
  • Each time you upgrade you earn more F.L.O. points for mastering future enclaves. This is similar to earning a higher degree in school in real life. The higher the degree the higher the earning potential.
  • Upgrades vary in F.L.O. costs and require an earned book in order to purchase them. The cost of an upgrade begins at 70 F.L.O. and increases by 20 F.L.O. for each additional upgrade.
  • Purchasing Upgrades improves the amount of F.L.O. points earned during enclave mastery.
  • Purchasing Upgrades helps both you and your Community move up in the Leaderboards.
  • Purchasing Upgrades helps increase your overall game standing.
  • Visit "My Library" often to observe your progress.


  • You may purchase Hints during enclave Mastery Tests with your F.L.O. or with Community F.L.O. Hints cost 20 F.L.O. points each.
  • Purchasing Hints adversely affects your ranking on Leaderboards and your overall game standing.
  • Purchasing hints from the Community might affect your Community’s (class) standing on the Community Leaderboards.
  • Purchasing hints reduces the amount of F.L.O. that you earn from the mastery test.


  • Donating F.L.O. points to your Community helps increase your game standing and your position on your class' leaderboard.
  • Donating F.L.O. points to your Community helps your class improve its ranking on the Community Leaderboard.
  • Averaged class KPI, Upgrades, total F.L.O., total donated F.L.O. and hints purchased all affect your ranking on the Community Leaderboard.
  • Earn Badges noting your accomplishments.
  • You win the game by mastering all the enclave Mastery Tests by the due dates, work with your community and purchase relatively few, if any, hints.
  • Watch the Community and World News to see how you and your class are progressing in reestablishing order to your Community.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not use your name or any other personally identifiable data for your alias.
  • Do not take a Mastery Test without spending sufficient time reading the enclave story and the textbook material.
  • Do not take a Mastery Test without spending sufficient time reading the questions or contemplating the various answers.
  • Do not retake a Mastery Test without spending sufficient time reviewing and taking notes on both the enclave and the textbook.
  • Do not jump from one enclave Mastery Test to another without attaining mastery of the previous enclave.
  • Do not ignore Diogenes. Make the most of every interaction with him by completing the mentoring jar activities.
  • Do not spend all your F.L.O. on purchasing hints.
  • Any of these things will usually result in losing F.L.O. and/or in upgrade opportunities.